[dsc] Patch for upload-rsync.sh.diff

Tom Cameron tcameron at dyn.com
Thu Apr 26 18:04:24 UTC 2012

My organization uses DSC, but we're running into a problem where the previous run of the script is ending during inconvenient times during the current script's execution. For instance, the PID file will exist when the script performs "if test -f $PIDF; then", but it does not exist when the script tries to "PID=`cat $PIDF 2> /dev/null`". Other times, we successfully retrieve the PID from the PID file, but by the time the script attempts to "kill -0" the PID, the process has already completed.

Attached is a very simple patch that simply pipes STDERR from these statements to /dev/null so CRON doesn't report an error. Please feel free to provide feedback.


Tom Cameron
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Dyn, Inc.

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