[dsc] Second Level Domains

Josh.Mullis at cox.com Josh.Mullis at cox.com
Sat Nov 22 02:36:28 UTC 2008

Thanks for the response Duane...

I would imagine the graph to look like the TLD graphs, just with the second levels added to the .com, .org and so forth.

As for the location, maybe adding another subgraph to the TLD menu called Second Tier would be a good place for it.

Thanks again.

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On Fri, 21 Nov 2008, Josh Mullis wrote:

> So, no one has graphs that are based on website names (google.com,
> cnn.com, etc.)?
> I know it's possible...
> dnstop has the capability.
> I think it's called Tier Levels or something like that.

Hi Josh,

The capability does not currently exist in DSC, but it could
be added with a little programming.

How do imagine the graphs would look?  Which of the current
graphs would you like the second-level domain graph to
look like?


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