[dnstop] Comments to the dnstop build process

Marc Haber mh+dnstop at zugschlus.de
Mon Jun 18 12:01:22 UTC 2012


I have recently taken over the packaging of dnstop for Debian, and in
the process of packaging dnstop 20120611, I have found two issues that
I'd like to mention here.

First, the release does not allow to execute autoreconf on the sources
since Makefile.am, configure.ac and configure.in seem to be missing in
the release. If that is not intentional, I would love to see that
fixed in a future release.

Second, the Make rule for dnstop.o ignores some of the common compiler
flags variables. This has an influence on the Debian build process,
since we usually set various compiler flags to result in a hardened
binary. Since removing the explicit dnstop.o rule from the Makefile.in
did result in a working and hardened binary, I would like to suggest
removing that rule. I have done so in the Debian package

Thanks for providing a good tool.


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